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What is the Best Platform to Invest Cryptocurrency in India?

Author : Pratimesh Tiwari


What is the Best Platform to Invest Cryptocurrency in India?

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I have been on 3 different Indian cryptocurrency platforms and will share information regarding them in order in which I joined them. There are a number of platforms available in India through which you can buy cryptocurrencies. And after seeing the dip in crypto-market yesterday, it is really a great time to buy/invest in Cryptocurrencies.
Let us take a look into a number of platforms which I believe are really reliable:
BuyBitcoin: Buy cryptocurrency in India - I see them as a ‘big player of future’. If you are looking to choose from a pool of cryptocurrencies, they are the one for you. They offer more than 25 cryptocurrencies to buy. I invested in TRON with them. It was a good experience. They have a simplified procedure and volatile rates. You can buy directly with INR on this platform. They charge very low fee too.
Zebpay | India's Leading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange - They are one of the leading crypto platforms in India. However, they offer only Bitcoin, Ehter, Litcoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. But, let me tell you they are also very reliable. Like BuyBitcoin: Buy cryptocurrency in India they also have very simplified process. - Like BuyBitcoin: Buy cryptocurrency in India they also offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to buy. I haven’t traded with them but their reviews in market are positive and hence they are reliable.

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  • Jake MarshMay 21, 2019

    Informative and well explained

  • Anonymous Feb 29, 2019

    Very Helpful Solved All my queries . A Huge Shoutout to TECHBUDDIES'S Team


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